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MILC E-mount Base


While using SONY mirrorless camera for video,  there is some wobbling on the lens, even with the cage. Because the camera body is very thin, and just one screw hole for mounting, unless it is supported with the mount together, or it cannot be improved by only adding a case. However, it will be a huge process to take off the camera body when they are all ensemble together. 


the screw plate at the bottom is merely a very thin iron plate

According to this situation, we designed a new connection method --MILC E-mount Base. It has the function of the lens adapter, the support base and the cage, and can be easily accommodated. It can also be used with all Sony models mirrorless camera including A7S/R I II, A6300... and the camera can be installed or removed in very simple steps.


MILC E-mount Base can be installed with Allstar A-mount or PL mount currently. There are several screw holes on the lift and L-shaped expansion board to add other accessories. By adding riser on the base plate, it can fit the standard height. Micro HDMI port turns into standard HDMI through the adapter cable to stand to multiple plug and unplug.

It will no longer be a trouble to install long lens with MILC E-mount Base. And there is no wobbling issue while focusing.

the camera can be installed or removed in very simple steps.

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