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Allstar A-mount system


A-mount system is an universal mount system. It has changeable mount base, and mount different lenses by different kinds of adapters. It can let your lenses and mount attached firmly, without play and wear, and use different type of lenses at the same time to get the highest working efficiency.  Like the blow picture, Allstar universal mount goes with Mount base for different cameras, and use Allstar lens adapters for mounting different lenses.









On A-mount system, you can use still camera lenses like: Contax C/Y ,Leica R , M42, Nikon...etc, and cine lenses like PL, BNCR, OCT-19...etc. by Allstar lenses adapter, you can change those lenses at the same time, quickly and safely. And don`t need to  adjust the back focus length. 

When attaching still camera lenses on A-mount, you need to put the adapter on your lenses first, different kind of lenses need different adapter.  The adapters improve the way to connect the lenses also the lenses can change the direction.  If you use cine lenses, you only need one adapter to attach on A-mount first, then mount your cine lenses.


Here is Allstar A-mount introduction video:

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