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A-wing Gimbal support rigs

A-wing Gimbal support rigs


Best Load Capacity Range of 8-12 kg

Slim, Compact, light weight Design
Soft Carrying Case Included

  • Features:

    1. Lightweight design- The weight of the whole rig ( vest + power arms) is 4.5 kg.

    2. Flexible in movement- Triple joints design on power arms, moving freely 3. Moving fulcrum back to reduce the pressure of spin.

    4. Wide-Range Height- About 1.5m range between the highest and the lowest point

    5. The support force is even wile moving above and below, and there is a lock area on the top position. The power arms can support 8~12 Kg weight, and can hold 14Kg at lock area.

    6. Tiny mode can limit the open range of power arms that can pass through narrow space.

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